Elektror Airsystems gmBh

Ulka Industries Ltd.

Our official Business Partner M/S Elektror Air Systems gmbh range:

Aluminium Cast Blowers with German Engineering Precision to give consistent and trouble-free performance mainly in areas like:

  • Low Pressure Blowers  ( ND series )
  • Medium Pressure Blowers ( RD series )
  • High Pressure Blowers ( HRD series ), with VFD option
    • Conveying of medium air volumes at higher system resistance.
    • Vacuum operation.
    • Forced Air Supply for special Systems.
  • Side Channel Blowers Turbo Blowers (SD series)
    • Conveying of small to medium air volumes at high system resistance.
    • Air tube conveying for hospitals.
    • Vacuum lifting of components.
  • Conveying Blowers. (FD/RD F series )
    • Conveying of plastic granules plastic waste & light weight Bulk Materials of all kind provided there is no operational risk.

Please check our Official Business Partner Authorization Letter here

For more information, refer to "www.elektror.com"